Clearleft x Interaction 19

The week before last I had the pleasure of attending the Interaction 19 conference in Seattle with some fine folk from Clearleft. Getting away as a group to learn, experience new (and old) places continues to be something we really value at Clearleft, and documenting the good times for posterity seems fitting (and the perfect excuse to dust off my editing skills).

You can find out more about our best bits of Interaction 19 here.

(Still) in with the old


I am currently still using an Apple iPhone 5.

There, I said it – but for some reason this feels like something of a confession, a nagging thought that I should be ashamed of the ‘old’ technology in my pocket. How many models there have been since the iPhone 5? How much better must the technology be now? Surely I’m missing out on the improved experiences everyone else is having? Surely it’s time to upgrade?

Travelling light

Whenever I head off into the Great Outdoors I do like to be prepared, which is really just the Scouts way of saying ‘planning for the worst’. Fortunately, ‘the worst’ for a few days away (certainly here in the UK) usually just means inclement weather with a fair certainty of rain, so with this in mind all of my ‘valuable’ (read not-exactly-waterproof items such as smartphone, car keys and wallet) go into a small dry bag which is duly stuffed into my rucksack.