And the beat goes on


As I was putting the needle to an album the other night (J.J Cale, Naturally for the record), I had a moment of pause to reflect on how much I love my Technics SL-1200 turntables.

Years ago I sold my once-loved drum kit to finance them and have never looked back – not only do they look and sound fantastic, they have never missed a beat, despite a fair bit of punishment. Multiple house and country moves, heavy use under various ‘conditions’, and attempts to test their true capabilities, they still soldier unfalteringly on. Whilst various models have been released over the years, the ‘improvements’ have been minor – even the 2015 audiophile’s model (read, extortionate price tag) is more superficial bling than radical change with the design and technology remaining largely unchanged.

So my ode to the SL-1200s – I’ve always loved their functional and stripped back design that delivered all that was needed and more. They are beautifully designed and crafted, conceived in a time when all that mattered was keeping the beat going, and how little they have changed over the years is testament to the original vision. In Panasonic’s own words – ‘Tough enough to take the disco beat. And accurate enough to keep it’. Mine are definitely here to stay.