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B House - 01

The Great Outdoors – if I’m honest, that’s where I really want to be much of the time. Over the years my wife and I have been lucky enough to live in some amazing places (most recently Lewes, East Sussex), but no matter where we are we always gravitate to our roots – the countryside. Inevitably, there’s a fair bit of talk in our house about living a life more integrated with the surroundings, and being designers, what that might mean aesthetically as well as practically.

I was recently trawling through my bookmarked ‘places to live in’ and was reminded of the great B House in Segovia, Spain. I first saw this project a couple of years ago and was struck by how the effortless design blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. This close integration was the intention of the small residential dwelling, but all too often the realisation of a project like this can fall short of the mark – but not here – natural materials and minimalist lines deliver a beautiful vision of something that we certainly could kick off our shoes in and call home. Lovely.

B House - 02

B House - 03

B House - 04

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