NYC, Punk


Today is an exciting day – I’m off to New York later (cue smug face). To set the tone and get in the record trawling mindset whilst doing a bit of last minute packing I put the needle to the record of Ramones, by the Ramones – their debut studio album.

I was first introduced to the band years ago and this album was the first of theirs in my collection. I love how the raw energy captures a mood in time perfectly reinforced by the gritty, beautifully shot artwork and bold, confident typography – the band of four, title and that’s it.

On research this was the second attempt at a cover, and it’s clear to see how this made the grade – it speaks volumes for what’s in store – “here we are, take it or leave it”. It comes as no surprise that its one of the most reproduced album artworks of all time – certainly when I think Punk, I think Ramones, The Big Apple, and yes, record shopping.