Outside, inside


One of the most appealing aspects of architecture for me is the response to an environment – how the placement, form and materials work with (or against) a site, and how these factors influence the intended use. Structures built in challenging environments demand more specificity, however these constraints can often yield results that are not only functionally suited to local conditions, but are also beautiful in their form.

Enter Waitpinga House, a recent residential house project in South Australia by Mountford Williamson Architecture. The siting of the elegant yet understated structure places it harmoniously into the surrounding countryside – the seemingly utilitarian materials sit effortlessly on the site and provide a firm and contemporary nod to traditional local farming structures. I’m particularly drawn to the multi-purpose ‘breezeway’ that the house is centred around – knowing how welcome respite from the heat can be in that part of the country, the ability to bring the outside in and vice-versa whilst still enjoying the building is a brilliant solution.

A beautiful building in a beautiful country.

via homeworlddesign