Roll credits!


Picture a dark cinema as the film comes to an end – everyone grabs their coats and makes a dive for the door as the credits begin to roll. But wait, what’s this? An outtake? A bit more footage? A teaser for the sequel? Everybody slows in case they miss anything with one eye on the crowd around the exit. Sound familiar? From my video and motion graphics days I know just how much thought and effort goes into even a low-end credit sequence, and so I’m usually one of those still seated till the bitter end, tutting at the exiting crowd in the hope something interesting will round out the experience. And sometimes we are rewarded with just that – last night I watched American Ultra, a Nima Nourizadeh film that had passed me by until now. I’ll steer away from making any commentary on the film, apart from to say that whilst I enjoyed it, the animated credit sequence stole the show – it was quite simply awesome.