Travelling light

Whenever I head off into the Great Outdoors I do like to be prepared, which is really just the Scouts way of saying ‘planning for the worst’. Fortunately, ‘the worst’ for a few days away (certainly here in the UK) usually just means inclement weather with a fair certainty of rain, so with this in mind all of my ‘valuable’ (read not-exactly-waterproof items such as smartphone, car keys and wallet) go into a small dry bag which is duly stuffed into my rucksack.

Back to nature


When I picture my ideal place to live, it’s in natural surroundings, embedded in the local environment. In truth this could be a number of different environments, but the ‘natural’ connection is key – it’s common knowledge that time spent in nature is hugely beneficial to us, and I couldn’t agree more. So, each time my wife and I have moved over the years (and there have been quite a few moves), we have always strived for locations and structures that fulfil this need, but there is always ‘room for improvement’ so to speak.