Heroes from space


I recently wrote about Royal Mail’s special edition stamp series honouring David Bowie. Whilst I haven’t actually had any drop into my letterbox, I’ll now be keeping an eye upwards as well just in case – the Royal Mail have just launched 52 sets of the stamps into space on special helium balloons which will fall back to earth when the balloons burst.

I was impressed when the Royal Mail initially commissioned these stamps, but literally creating falling Starmen in this very human and touching gesture is a visionary idea befitting  the man himself – lovely work.

NYC, Punk


Today is an exciting day – I’m off to New York later (cue smug face). To set the tone and get in the record trawling mindset whilst doing a bit of last minute packing I put the needle to the record of Ramones, by the Ramones – their debut studio album.

I was first introduced to the band years ago and this album was the first of theirs in my collection. I love how the raw energy captures a mood in time perfectly reinforced by the gritty, beautifully shot artwork and bold, confident typography – the band of four, title and that’s it.

On research this was the second attempt at a cover, and it’s clear to see how this made the grade – it speaks volumes for what’s in store – “here we are, take it or leave it”. It comes as no surprise that its one of the most reproduced album artworks of all time – certainly when I think Punk, I think Ramones, The Big Apple, and yes, record shopping.

Heroes by mail


Royal Mail have just issued this special edition stamp series honouring David Bowie. The series celebrates some of his defining albums and career moments and looks great – the format works perfectly for the artwork and feels a fitting tribute to such a national icon.

Bowie fans can get their hands on the stamps and other merchandise at Royal Mail – here’s hoping Ziggy drops by and brightens up my mailbox soon.

via HUH.

And the beat goes on


As I was putting the needle to an album the other night (J.J Cale, Naturally for the record), I had a moment of pause to reflect on how much I love my Technics SL-1200 turntables.

Years ago I sold my once-loved drum kit to finance them and have never looked back – not only do they look and sound fantastic, they have never missed a beat, despite a fair bit of punishment. Multiple house and country moves, heavy use under various ‘conditions’, and attempts to test their true capabilities, they still soldier unfalteringly on. Whilst various models have been released over the years, the ‘improvements’ have been minor – even the 2015 audiophile’s model (read, extortionate price tag) is more superficial bling than radical change with the design and technology remaining largely unchanged.