Sound design


Recently at the Clearleft studio there has been somewhat of a push to readjust the balance between bustling working space and distraction-free productivity. Whilst we are all about the benefits of an open studio with close collaboration, lively meetings and energetic post-it sessions can sometimes be to the detriment of those who just need to get their heads down and get on.

Outside, inside


One of the most appealing aspects of architecture for me is the response to an environment – how the placement, form and materials work with (or against) a site, and how these factors influence the intended use. Structures built in challenging environments demand more specificity, however these constraints can often yield results that are not only functionally suited to local conditions, but are also beautiful in their form.

Stateside Super 8

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Interaction 17 conference in New York with some colleagues from Clearleft. In the interest of documenting and moving any record of the good-times out of my camera library, I shot and edited a short film using the 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone app. Whilst the app footage has a definite style (the hint is in the name), it makes for a great tool to shoot multiple scenes in differing light and circumstances – the result is a reasonably unified output, perfect for a quick edit. Plus, what New York scene wouldn’t look even better in Super 8?

Enjoy, we certainly did.

In search of a Neue world

Neue - 01

My everyday life is full of ‘stuff’. Stuff comes in, stuff goes out, but it’s the quality, well-designed and built-to-last things that remain – the things I really want around me (and if I’m truly honest, the list is pretty short). Unfortunately, the ‘under the hood’ story of many consumer products today often tells a tale of cheap, synthetic materials that ultimately define a short product lifespan. You’ve got to wonder at how much more care and attention we would place on our ‘stuff’ knowing that it was built to last with the consumer and the environment at the core of the design process.