Smart move?


For anyone with an eye on current activity in the technology world, it will come as no surprise that the legendary Nokia 3310 ‘feature’ phone has been relaunched by Finnish tech company HMD. In what has been called a ‘bold’ and ‘clever’ move, the launch comes nearly 17 years after the handset’s initial release. Mobile phone users of a certain age (myself included) may have owned one, and will almost certainly be aware of – or wasted many hours playing (myself included) – the now cult game Snake.

Sound design


Recently at the Clearleft studio there has been somewhat of a push to readjust the balance between bustling working space and distraction-free productivity. Whilst we are all about the benefits of an open studio with close collaboration, lively meetings and energetic post-it sessions can sometimes be to the detriment of those who just need to get their heads down and get on.

Outside, inside


One of the most appealing aspects of architecture for me is the response to an environment – how the placement, form and materials work with (or against) a site, and how these factors influence the intended use. Structures built in challenging environments demand more specificity, however these constraints can often yield results that are not only functionally suited to local conditions, but are also beautiful in their form.